Student Service Center (Department of Student Affairs)

In 2010 Ilia State University established Department of Student Affairs. Department sets the goal to a. give cultural dimension to teaching, research and major objectives of the University and b. widen and deepen relations among members of the university community (undergraduate and graduate students, administration, professors, teachers, scholars).

Department of Student Affairs and its divisions try to support the university community during achievement of academic goals, make this process easier and fill life of scholars and students with interesting ideas, events and practical experience.  

Department consists of two divisions:

1. Division of Scholarships, Employment and Lodging   

Head of the division and its staff are responsible for providing support to the students in accordance with their interests, fields of study, knowledge and experience. They conduct research on relevant employment opportunities, internships, university/state or international scholarships, conferences and workshops and share results of their findings with university community of corresponding background. As a result, it is easier for students to find/select specific employment opportunities/programs and receive working experience in the field of their interest in a shorter period of time. 

One of the goals of the division is to equip students with practical skills in order to simplify for them the process of vacancy research. Employees of the division offer the students monthly trainings and teach them how to write CV/resume, motivation and reference letters, aid them to develop practical/working skills and prepare for interviews with potential employers. Staff of the division also offers help for filling out of application forms, all other necessary documents and if needed in receiving of recommendations from the professors. 

2. Division of Culture and Sports
Head of the division and its staff are responsible for coordination of ongoing cultural and sports events (excursions, competitions etc.).

Division cooperates with all cultural organization throughout Georgia and offers students free or discounted tickets to cultural events to make their life more beautiful, interesting and entertaining. 

In order to enable Department of “Student Service Center” become companion of your life and deliver you daily information on the above news via e-mail, it is necessary to register at the Student Service Center. Registration desk is open Monday to Friday during the working hours, room #C 219. Please, bring your student card with you. 

Use your time at the University for full-scale development of your capacities in academic as well as nonacademic fields. Our Department will provide you with maximum help in case of interest. Work of the Department is directly linked to your activities. So please, be actively involved in its work and aid us to provide you support.

George Chantladze

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