Current Research

The Institute has created a long-term priority research directions, that cover neuromedicine and maxillofacial surgery – stomatology. The working group of the institute has presented four doctoral programs based on fundamental research in medicine. 


PhD Programs in Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Treatment of maxillofacial inflammatory diseases with bone marrow mesenchymal stem sells. Leading professor of the program – Associate Professor Ketevan Gogilashvili. 
  • Stem cells and osteoplastic material usage in combination in maxillofacial trauma for reparatory regeneration, Leading professor of the program – Full Professor Giorgi Menabde and Assistant Professor  Irakli Amiranashvili.
PhD Programs in Neuromedicine
  • Ephedrine Encephalopathy  Manganum Parkinsonism , its medical and social aspects 
  • Head and Face aches and its influence on life quality and cognitive disorders 
Professors Marina Janelidze, Giorgi Menabde and Irakli Amiranashvili participate in the project .
Experiments on laboratory white rats are started. On the first stage the anatomic study of the animals are completed, then the following models are established:
  • Maxillofacial defects modeling
  • Alveolar ridge atrophy defects modeling
  • Causes of inflammations of mucous membrane mouth cavity 
  • Modeling of various diseases of mucous membrane mouth cavity

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